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Welcome to the website of Feida(USA), Inc.

Our Mission

To supply mechanical parts and electronic assemblies in "China" price, with high quality and short delivery time. "Offshore Manufacturing, Consignment Warehousing, Quick Response."

Company Profile

Feida(USA),Inc, incorporated  at Missouri, USA,  is the member company of FEIDA Group Corporation, the top player in the environmental industry of China. Feida(USA),Inc. is focused on providing Supply Chain Management and related engineering services to support the global supply business of FEIDA group in North America, meanwhile the company plays the role of  the marketing window of FEIDA group to US. 

 Feida(USA), Inc provides  the Consignment Warehousing service, Quick Response service, and Inventory Management service to other member companies of FEIDA Group. 

Backed by the powerful in-house manufacturing capacity of brother companies, Feida(USA), Inc. also can provide extremely low cost offshore contract manufacturing service, supplying metal stamping parts , springs & spiralsfabricated metal parts, structural steel assembly, and electronic assembly for US companies, and meet customers' Just  In Time(JIT) manufacturing requirements on parts supply.

FEIDA Group is a well established corporation group in China. Zhejiang Feida Env. Sci & Tech Co Ltd , one of the key member companies of  FEIDA Group, is listed in Shanghai Securities Exchange Market, and is a leading company in the air treating industry of China.

Comment from Customers

"FEIDA Group is a very good corporation group in China. We're very glad to have it as our supplier."   -Jeff Ritter (Former Strategic Sourcing Leader of Crane Co. )         



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